Rensler's Rosia Lee  Joseph & Ella MARTIN McKENZIE with Hannah

Soon — hopefully today — Rosia Lee’s Rensler’s image will arrive in Cincinnati, and her two older sisters, Hannah SLAUGHTER BARWICK (age 92.5) and Lena HALL BARWICK (age 91.5) will confirm my belief that somehow, through a series of DIVINE events, the ONLY known picture of Rosia Lee BARWICK (d: 01.06.1940) made its way from unknowing photographer in Cincinnati to me — in Charlotte!:)

I’m beyond excited for the BARWICK Sisters, it’s been 73 years since they’ve seen their baby sister’s face! Especially relieved for my Great Aunt Lena, who expressed her sadness of not being able to “see” Rosia Lee’s face in her dreams. No way you can convince me this recent “Rensler’s journey” is about anything more than bringing her sisters peace…

Both Aunt Hannah [during our conversation] and her son Gregory [when he first spotted the image on Our Georgia Roots] mentioned Rosia Lee’s features being more “McKENZIE than BARWICK”.

So, for the record, I’ve posted a picture of little Hannah (now 92!) with her Grandparents Ella MARTIN and Joseph McKENZIE (my GG Grandparents).

Now, what’s YOUR verdict?

I think seeing Rosia Lee’s face in her dreams will no longer be an issue for my Great Aunt Lena!:)